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Is Your Deodorant Increasing Your Risk of Breast Cancer?

1011211.large For some time now, the natural health community has been leery of using deodorants containing aluminum because of a reported association between these products and breast cancer. This concern has validity, as studies in recent years revealing aluminum’s cancer-causing properties have spurred some scientists to express doubt over the safety of antiperspirants.

The public is exposed to aluminum through vaccines, antiperspirants and food additives. But aluminum is only the tip of the iceberg, because an estimated one out of every eight of the 82,000 chemicals used in personal care products and cosmetics are toxic. Since the products applied to the skin are absorbed into the blood stream, they pose a high risk to public health.

Yet our government regulatory agencies have not considered the findings implicating aluminum with cancer to be weighty enough to prohibit the use of the metal in products until the safety can be adequately assessed. So what exactly has the scientific research on aluminum uncovered? Does it raise some big red flags or are natural health enthusiasts unduly concerned? Below are the results from the studies. You decide.

deo Deodorant and Breast Cancer: Here is What Research Shows:

Protect Yourself

It is clear that the fears of health conscious individuals about such products are not groundless. Cancer is strongly linked to a toxic environment, which includes many personal care products. You can protect yourself by choosing deodorants that are aluminum free. An array of natural deodorants is available on the market.



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