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Infographic: The Dangers of Sitting Too Much


long periods of sitting

Winston Churchill once said, “Never stand when you can sit.” But a new study conducted by research epidemiologist, Christine Friedenreich of Alberta Health Services-Cancer Care in Canada, would strongly refute this now-famous advice. Friedenreich’s research has found that, no matter how active an individual, prolonged periods of inactivity and sitting are linked to several cancers, most namely, breast and colon cancers.

Another recent study conducted by the American Cancer Society tracked 123,000 Americans for 14 years and found that the death rate for men who spent six or more hours a day sitting was 18% higher than that of men who sat for three hours or less per day. For women, the increase in risk was more than double at 37%!

It’s becoming increasingly evident that the human body was not designed for prolonged periods of sitting. This somewhat frightening  infographic depicts some of the known dangers of sitting too much, in case you need more convincing.

(Click on the image to view full size.)
Dangers of Sitting Too Much Infographic

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3 responses to “Infographic: The Dangers of Sitting Too Much”

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  3. […] sitting down all day was to blame for my physical discomfort. In addition to articles I read on the detrimental effects of sitting at a desk all day, the biggest clue to me was that  I generally felt great on the weekends when I was very active […]