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Give the Gift of Vitamins


A few days ago, I was getting ready to visit a friend. She is getting divorced, moving, and sounded tired and run down. I grabbed a bottle of multivitamins to give her. Another friend, who always starts to get gloomy and housebound this time of year, got bottles of vitamin D and fish oil. A friend who was complaining about forgetfulness received a brain energizer supplement. Yet another, disgruntled with her weight, got a bottle of a natural weight loss supplement.

These gifts are intimate, no doubt about it. They imply knowledge of the details of someone else’s life. But if that someone is a person you care about, I’ve found that the gift of vitamins is received with the same warm spirit it is given, with love and without judgment.

If you’re thinking about giving someone a bottle of vitamins as a gift, I encourage you to do so. If you’re wondering if your choice is appropriate, simply suggest she take the bottle with her to the next doctor’s visit to make sure. If you’re like me, you rely on your friends for support and fun, and want them to stay healthy!

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