Articles by Joshua Corn

Can This Antioxidant Really Activate Your “Youth Gene”?

I’m not typically one for diets, but when I read about a specific diet that is fascinating scientists with its ability to “re-capture youth” and offer significantly more health perks than just weight loss, I just had to learn more.

Turmeric: Is This the Natural Remedy of the Century?

Here's how getting the right daily dose of curcumin, along with other key antioxidants, can help save you from having to deal with serious health issues.

The #1 Thing People with Memory Problems Have in Common

If you get frustrated by common memory problems like forgetting where you parked your car or where you placed your reading glasses, then I have some incredible news for you...

What European Men Swear By for Prostate Relief (And American Doctors Won’t Tell You)

This powerful approach to prostate health is safe, amazingly effective — and free of the unwanted side effects that plague other options.

This Vitamin-Rich Duo Is the Secret to Looking Refreshed

Discover the amazingly simple and natural way to slow, and even reverse, the aging process of your skin.

This Smoothie Ingredient Can Reset Your Health (And Your Immune System)

Research confirms that people who eat the most fruits and vegetables feel the best, enjoy the best health and live the longest, but most Americans fall short on the nutrients they need to feel their best every day.

Why Curcumin Deserves to be Called the “King of All Spices”

Think this "King of All Spices" is just for inflammation and brain health? Think again. Here's more about all of the clinically-backed health perks curcumin boasts. (Prepare to be impressed.)

How to Save Your Pet’s Vision Before It’s Too Late

It’s often said that eyes are the window to the soul, and your pet’s eyes are certainly no exception. Maintaining healthy vision is vital for the well-being of dogs and cats as they age.

Turmeric: It’s Simple. It’s Natural. It Reduces Joint Pain by 71%.

When it comes to inflammation, joint pain is just the tip of the iceberg. Here's the #1 way to protect your joints — and your health.

Want a Better Memory? Most People Need More of This Fat

According to new clinical research, 70% of older adults suffer from a deficiency in an essential fat associated with memory lapses. But correcting this deficiency is easy if you know the right way to do it.