Articles by Derek Noland

3 Medications That Could Increase Your Risk for Dementia

Research has shown that some over-the-counter medication and some prescription medication may increase the risk of dementia.

A New Link Between Sugar and Cancer

As new research on the dangers of excess sugar consumption continues to build up, there is now more reason than ever to suspect that sugar could actually promote cancer.

More Bad News for Monsanto’s Roundup Weed-Killer

Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide may not be classified as a known carcinogen, yet, but there are plenty of causes for concern regarding its widespread use.

Consumer Alert: Dangerous Pesticide Found in Many Wines

Monsanto's pesticide in our wine? Trust us... we hate this news as much as you do.

7 Different Types of Plastic and Which Are Most Toxic

Rather than risk your health by consuming products from unsafe plastic containers and bottles, take a moment to review the list below and make sure that you’re practicing safe habits.

7 Reasons Why “Rebounding” is the Ideal Full-Body Exercise

Apart from being a good weight loss method, rebounding can have a positive impact on virtually every part of your body.

The 3 Essential Skin Care Tips for Men

There are plenty of reasons why men should proactively take care of their skin, from simply looking better to having healthier-feeling skin, and limiting the risk of skin cancer.

Pickle Juice Soda: Could It Help with Muscle Cramps?

Recent research has cited pickle juice (yes, pickle juice) as an exciting and potentially fast-working solution for muscle cramps. So can the latest trend in peculiar pops work in your favor?

Is This the Best Diet for a Better Brain?

From protection against diseases to better aging, there are plenty of reasons to follow the Mediterranean Diet. Now, new research is adding yet another item to the list of reasons to consume the Mediterranean diet—healthier brain tissue.

6 Reasons It’s Time to Try Bone Broth (Your Skin Will Thank You)

Bone broth is gaining popularity, and for good reason. It's loaded with hard-to-get nutrients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, gelatin, amino acids and minerals in forms easiest for your body to absorb. Here are 6 reasons to give it a go.