Articles by Casie Terry

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Better Skin

As we nestle into the New Year, it’s not too late to make some resolutions and set new goals. Here are 5 resolutions for better skin that you should focus on in 2018.

9 Reasons You Need More Vitamin D (Especially This Time of Year)

This critical nutrient does a whole lot more than help support strong bones and ward off the cold and flu viruses. So why take extra vitamin D? Let us count the ways.

12 Surprising Foods That Can Boost Your Brain Power Now

While consuming nutrients that offer long-term brain protection is critical to health, who doesn't occasionally wish there were quick and easy ways to boost memory and brain function in the short-term, too?

3 Reasons to Never Use Chemical Sunscreen (And the Best Alternatives That Work)

The reputations of many sunscreen brands have taken a hit in recent years — and for good reasons. But don't worry — we found the natural alternative you need to know about.

6 Things You Can Do Today for a Stronger Heart

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is still the #1 killer of Americans -- but it doesn't have to be.

8 Sheet Masks Worth Trying

Whether you've yet to try one or already make them a part of your healthy skin regimen on a weekly basis, sheet masks are quickly becoming the #1 way to boost radiance, repair skin and decompress from life. Here are eight to try as soon as possible.

An Easy Guide to Choosing Cooking Oils

When it comes to choosing a cooking oil most people just use "whatever's around the house." But this visual guide can put an end to that, making it a cinch to remember which is best for the culinary project at hand.

Receipe: Glazed Salmon from Kitchen 101 Cookbook

As we recently reported, eating heart-healthy, oily fish can help offset the negative impact of junk food. If you’ve never had s…

3 Reasons Most Vitamin C Serums Fail to Deliver Results

It's well known that this this skin-reviving antioxidant can combat sun damage and hyper-pigmentation all while restoring skin's elasticity and firmness. So why do so many vitamin C serums fail to deliver results?

Natural Allergy Fighters: 5 Drug-Free Ways to Find Allergy Relief

Allergy season is right around the corner, but having allergies doesn't mean we need choose between OTC meds or falling victim to the face-swelling, mood-ruining impact of seasonal shifts every year. Here are 5 ways to combat seasonal allergies naturally.