An Aspirin a Day…Doubles Heart Attack Risk?


inappropriate aspirin prescription For years, doctors and patients have looked to Aspirin for daily heart health support, hoping it would serve as a more mild but satisfactory alternative to Warfarin, a drug known to have several unwanted and risky side effects. But those taking aspirin every day to thin blood and reduce stroke risk, take heed, as a new study has revealed that Aspirin isn’t the “quick fix” many hoped it’d be.

In a new study, researchers have found that, compared to those taking warfarin for atrial fibrillation (irregular and fast beating of the heart that can lead to stroke), patients taking aspirin were 1.9 times more likely to suffer a heart attack.

The same paper found that a new class of drugs called direct oral anticoagulants also doubled the risk of heart failure for patients with atrial fibrillation.

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Given that Warfarin (also called Coumadin) comes with a host of nasty side effects, many consumers are wondering which natural ingredients can help support the heart, improve arterial elasticity and optimize blood flow.

Fortunately, there are natural products that reduce inflammation and improve cardiovascular function:

  • Aspirin derives from salycin, which comes from the bark of white willow trees. This natural product can be taken to relieve pain and fight inflammation.
  • Nattokinase, an enzyme made from fermented soy, accomplishes many of the same good things without the bad side effects.
  • Fish oil and exercise also can improve cardiovascular health.
  • Other natural anti-inflammatories might also be a good idea, depending on the advice of your integrative doctor.

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