Are GMOs Causing You to Gain Weight?


Are GMOs causing you to gain weight? Findings from research in Norway show that if you want to avoid , you must abstain from eating genetically engineered (GE) corn and corn-based products, as well as meat from animals that are fed GE grain. Even more disturbing, scientists examining the effects of these foods on health found they could wreak havoc by causing significant changes in the intestinal tract, kidney and , as well as , genitals and the .

In attempting to make crops resistant to pests and disease, the DNA of GE foods has been altered, resulting in consumers being increasingly exposed to toxic substances through their food. The unfortunate reality is that our government agencies do not require proof of the safety of these foods before they are placed on the market.

In the study, scientists fed the animals Bt corn, which is GE corn designed to its own pesticide. This corn contains a gene from the bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), which produces a toxin that bursts the stomach of some insects, leading to their death. Is it any wonder that since this corn entered the food supply, horror stories have been mounting?

Tests showed animals got fatter faster.

Animals on the GE corn gained weight faster and retained the weight compared to those fed a non-GE . The results were the same on all species of animals tested including rats, mice, pigs and salmon. Additionally, researchers found that rats, consuming a of fish that had been fed GE grain, gained weight faster. This indicates that humans who eat GE corn or meat from animals that have been fed GE will gain weight faster and retain the weight.

Animals fed GE grain had detrimental changes to organs throughout the body.

The research at Norwegian Veterinary College, a collaboration involving scientists from several countries, also analyzed the effects of GMOs on the entire body. Significant changes were noted, including multiple slightly enlarged organs, changes to the immune system and an altered microstructure of the intestinal tract, which made it less able to digest protein.[ad name=”sqGPDB”]

The implications of the adverse effect on protein digestion are huge.

Amino acids, the building blocks of protein are essential for all life processes. The curtailed ability to provide the body with the amino acids needed for many biological functions can lead to obesity, as well as a broad array of modern illnesses. These include, but are not limited to, , autism and autoimmune disease, along with sexual dysfunction, asthma and various types of digestive disorders. It is clear that consuming food sources is not only dangerous to human health but also to all life feeding on it.

Scientist disputes claims about GMOs

Lead researcher, Åshild Krogdahl, explains that the study disproves the often-heard claim that altered genes in GMOs cannot harm the body because they are broken down in the intestines. She states that evidence shows the genes are transferred intact from the gut to the blood stream and are deposited in easily recognized large chunks in the liver, muscle and blood. This important discovery refutes Monsanto’s and similar companies’ claims that GMOs are not detrimental to health.

What can a consumer do?

Many GE foods are in our supermarkets and the US has no laws requiring them to be labeled as such. Consumers can contact the EPA, and their Congressional representatives and request policy change. In the meantime, eat organic or food certified by the Non-GMO Project.





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