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Your Air Freshener Could Be Putting Your Heart at Risk — Here Are 4 Safer Alternatives

air freshener Today’s market is flooded with air fresheners, scented candles and other means of masking odors and making our homes smell delightful. But are these products safe?

Such products are incredibly popular, as who doesn’t want their abode to small like a flowery meadow or pine forest? The reality is that these artificial means of scenting our homes may come with a high price – the health of our hearts.

New research published in Environmental Health Perspectives finds that one squirt per day of an air freshener or several hours around a lit scented candle every day might be harming the heart irreparably. What’s more is that even those who only used an air freshener once a week displayed adverse heart effects.

The Swiss research involved 581 adults over the age of 50. Participants were questioned regarding their use of air fresheners, scented household products and cleaning products, and afterwards the electrical activity of their hearts were monitored 24 hours to assess heart rate variability, an indication of cardiovascular health. The most disturbing discovery was linked with air fresheners, finding that women who used them the most frequently had the highest likelihood of having hearts that failed to respond quickly to different demands, such as stress.

Author Amar J. Mehta is uncertain of the reason for this effect but postulates that ingredients in air fresheners react with ozone, a typical indoor air pollutant, to form chemicals that damage the heart. Terpenes, compounds present in a common type of citrus and pine scented products reacts with ozone in the home to form aldehydes, toxic substances associated with heart disease and diabetes.

So what to do? Must we deprive ourselves of homes that small wonderful for the sake of safeguarding our hearts? Not at all. Ditch the air fresheners and candles in favor of these natural alternatives that are effective and smell far better than cloying artificial products.



Mary West is a natural health enthusiast, as she believes this area can profoundly enhance wellness. She is the creator of a natural healing website where she focuses on solutions to health problems that work without side effects. You can visit her site and learn more at http://www.alternativemedicinetruth.com. Ms. West is also the author of Fight Cancer Through Powerful Natural Strategies.

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