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5 Warning Signs of Prostate Trouble That Men Shouldn’t Ignore


Prostate While prostate problems don’t always indicate cancer — infection, as well as benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH, can cause symptoms as well — prostate cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths among men in the United States, and too often early symptoms are ignored.

So what should men be on the lookout for?

Interrupted sleep is one of the common complaints of a man experiencing prostrate problems. Increased urination, particularly at night, often triggers men to consult with a doctor, where the culprit often turns out to be prostrate trouble.

If youre a man over 40 — or have a loved one who is — there are some symptoms to run past your doctor if detected.

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5 Warning Signs of Prostate Trouble

1. Urinary changes: a slow or weak stream, increased frequency (especially at night), urgency, and pain or burning when urinating

2. Weakness or numbness in the legs or feet

3. Blood in the urine

4. Trouble getting an erection and painful ejaculation

5. Pain in the hips, back or chest

The American Cancer Societyrecommends that men discuss screening options their doctor beginning at age 50, or as early as 40 for high risk men, including African Americans or men with one or more first degree relatives diagnosed with prostate cancer.

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6 responses to “5 Warning Signs of Prostate Trouble That Men Shouldn’t Ignore”

  1. Abraham Tenenbaum says:

    I need to know all the ingredients please in order to know if it is kosher, and if it is, a lot of people will be interested in your product. Thank you. AT

  2. Hans says:

    Interrupted sleep in what way, due to pain, insomnia, etc. Can you be more specific?
    Back pain, is it certain areas of the back, what kind of pain?
    Is your list saying any one of the 5 or all 5 represent a problem?
    What is your recommendation for a solution of these issues?

  3. Hiram legree says:

    Weakness or numbness in legs or feet is NOT a sign of prostate issues.

    Prostate is misspelled as “prostrate” throughout the brief article.

  4. james sparks says:

    Tell me more about weak legs

  5. Luis D Rey says:

    I am taking two different kinds of vitamins Super Beta Prostate and Triple Action Prostate Formula and they don’t seem to have much of any effect.