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8 Unexpected Things That Rob You of Energy

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woman tired is such a precious thing, especially as we grow older. I don’t know about you, but when I wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy, I’m more motivated, less irritable, more active and, most importantly, happier throughout the day.

But, as a person of routine, I have to wonder why I don’t wake up this way every day. What gives? I eat well, exercise regularly and shoot to hit the hay at the same time every night. And yet, some mornings I still wake up feeling drained, fatigued and maxed out.

Little did I know, though, that energy levels are impacted by so much more than just long, demanding days. Here are eight surprising things that can drain your energy levels, plus what you can do to dodge the energy-sapping damage.


1. Poor

The manner in which poor digestion drains the body of energy is two fold: When food isn’t properly broken down, the body lacks the basic building blocks it needs to produce cellular energy, causing energy levels to suffer. In addition, the process of digestion consumes a fair amount of energy, so when it’s inefficient the body has to work much harder to get the job done. This is one of the reasons people are usually exhausted after a big, heavy meal.

You can optimize digestion and boost energy levels by ensuring your diet provides adequate H2O, and plenty of fiber from fruits and vegetables. It’s also important to make sure you have healthy amounts of the friendly bacteria that protect from energy-sapping pathogens and facilitate healthy digestion.

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Article updated on: January 7th, 2014

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