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5 Tips for Healthier and Slimmer Holidays


How to avoid holiday heartburn Thanksgiving has marked the start of holiday season, and while this time of year may be full of all the sweets and tasty treats you adore, there are still easy ways to maintain your healthy diet and avoid gaining weight this holiday season.

5 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

For many, this is the “season of overeating” — filled with holiday parties and fattening, unhealthy foods.

But before you pile your plate up like a skyscraper with all of your favorite holiday foods, be sure to keep these simple strategies in mind. They will leave you feeling healthier, happier and thinner this holiday season.

1. Load Up On Healthy Appetizers

If you are watching your weight, it’s a good idea to dig into the veggie platter, shrimp cocktail or green salad before your meal. These healthy before-dinner snacks will help prevent you from overeating later.

2. Select Your Meats Carefully

Turkey is a great source of low-fat protein that you can enjoy without worry. Eat as much as you want! But be more selective when it comes to beef. Choose a non-fatty portion and keep eating in moderation in mind. And don’t hesitate to pass up on the ham. It’s high in sodium and unhealthy additives that cause headaches and promote your risk of cancer. If you can’t find the willpower to bypass a slice of this salty treat, eat just enough to satisfy your craving.

3. Put Plenty of Veggies On Your Plate

Dip into healthy servings of cruciferous vegetables including broccoli and brussels sprouts, as well as other antioxidant-filled vegetables like spinach, asparagus or squash. They’ll help keep your blood pressure in check, reduce your risk of weight gain and provide you with much needed nutrients that fill you up without harming your health.

4. Just Say “No” to White Foods

Foods like rolls, biscuits, macaroni, rice and even white potatoes are loaded with refined sugars and starches that pack on the pounds. It’s best to closely watch your portions when it comes to these foods, since they are most likely to spike your blood sugar and impact your weight.

5. Spend More Time Socializing Than Eating

If you’re busy doing other things, like talking, it’s much easier to avoid putting food in your mouth. Find an area away from the food where you can enjoy the company of your friends and family without overindulging.

Also, it’s easy to forego your regular exercise routine during the holidays. You don’t have to go to the gym or do a full workout. But it’s still important to spend your time wisely. Take the dog out, play tag with the kids or the grandkids, shovel the walkway, or simply go for a walk — in fact, a new study even suggested that older adults who walk regularly have a greater likelihood of living longer.

This holiday season, keep it healthy, keep it happy and enjoy this very special time of year with your family and friends.

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