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5 Natural Ways to Fight Candida and Reclaim Your Health

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Healthy womanFor millions of men and women, attempts to enjoy vibrant health are met with unexplainable health problems such as fatigue, foggy brain, yeast infections and digestive disorders. Few people know that their health struggles could very well be linked to a candida infection — and that they don’t have to live that way anymore.

Here are 5 natural way to fight . In conjuction with a candida-fighting diet, these natural remedies can help stop systemic candida from wreaking havoc on your body — no prescription drugs required.

1. : Restore Your Balance

To combat an overgrowth of Candida albicans in the intestines, your friendly bacteria could certainly use a hand. That’s why you need a good probiotic supplement — a supplement that can restore the balance in your intestines and contains acidophilus or bifidus in the billions. No matter what brand you choose, look for one that comes in an enteric-coated capsule, so that the bacteria survive the tummy and its hydrochloric acid.

2. Water: The Raw Living Remedy

Drinking adequate amounts of this essential nectar is important in order to help toxins and acid waste flow out. Hydration is a great deterrent to a high-acid environment, in which candida colonies survive and thrive.

3. : Healing and Delicious

In its natural and unrefined form, coconut oil is probably the best fat you can add into your diet. It’s about 50% lauric acid, which boost human immunity. Best of all, coconut oil also contains caprylic acid, a type of fatty acid that has been shown in studies to have antifungal properties.

4. : Fire Up Your Vitality

Garlic does more that just whet your appetite. Its main biologically active compound allicin is a potent antifungal agent that can eliminate a broad range of potentially pathogenic organisms — including yeast. Eat one or two cloves a day and don’t forget that allicin can be damaged by heat. (Eating fresh cloves is the best choice.)

5. Almonds: Alkaline Prebiotics

Almonds are and excellent addition to a candida-fighting diet for two main reasons. First, they are a rich source of alkaline protein (1/4 cup almonds contains 7.4 grams). Second, almonds act as prebiotics in your digestive tract by helping the beneficial bacteria in your gut.

One word of warning: Don’t forget to discuss your doctor before trying any remedies to avoid adverse reactions. Garlic, for example, is a natural blood thinner and people with hemophilia should generally stay away from it.

Dealing with chronic can be confusing and overwhelming. Still, there is a clear path to wellness and these natural remedies can be an invaluable part of your healing.

James Schreiber is a former candida sufferer and a natural health author by accident. He writes articles on his web site, http://www.eCandida.com.

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Article updated on: April 22nd, 2011

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