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4 Ways You Can Meet a Goal By Starting a Jar


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We all have goals. Whether your goal is a big one, such as buying a new home, or a smaller one, such as seeing “the bright side” more often, starting a jar to help you work towards that goal can be life changing. A jar can represent any goal you have–people use them to collect everything from loose coins and dollar bills to wishes and warm thoughts. By putting the jar in a visible place in your home or office, you’re forced to see it on a daily basis and hold yourself accountable for it’s progress.

If you’ve been following April’s Wellness Challenge, then you know that today’s challenge is to start a jar. A few readers contacted us via twitter and Facebook asking for a few ideas. So, here’s four ways starting a jar can help you achieve a goal you might have:

1. Savings Jar

Maybe there’s a dream vacation you’d love to go on. Maybe there’s piece of furniture you’d love to replace. Maybe you’d love to get something for your hobby (a new bicycle, a new wide-angle lens, a new set of gulf clubs or a new tennis racket). Start a jar! Business Insider suggests the $5.00 plan. Anytime you come into contact with a $5.00 bill, it goes into the jar. They say, by doing this with $5 bills instead of $1 bills and coins, you’ll accumulate the goal much more quickly. When you splurge on your vacation/furniture/hobby, you’ll feel good knowing you practically mindlessly earned it.

2. Fitness Jar

Put a dollar in the jar for every mile you walk or run. Or use two jars to track your weight loss goals.


3. “Thought of the day” Jar

Jot down a “thought of the day.” It can be an idea that inspired you or a lesson you learned. Don’t forget the date!! At the end of the month (or even year), read them all and reflect. Try to see if there are any patterns to your thoughts or a way they can be used for self improvement. All of your entries can be a great window into your emotional health. I’ve even heard of people turning them into coffee table books.

4. Wish Jar

You might not add to this jar daily or even weekly. You simply add your “wishes” and “things I want to do” as they come. Whenever you find yourself wishing for something, whether materialistic or emotional, write it down and drop it in your wish jar.  I once heard a story of a father who started one for his daughter on her birthdays. Every time she blew out the candles, she wrote down what she wished for and locked it in a jar. On her eighteenth birthday he gave her the jar so she could a lifetime’s worth of birthday wishes.


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