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3 Food Companies That are Finally Removing Dangerous Ingredients


Three companies have announced that they will be removing harmful ingredients from their products.

The reasons cited for the modifications were to accommodate consumer safety concerns and changing family preferences. Unspoken motivations that may have factored into the equation are declining sales, as well as strong competition from companies that manufacture natural or more healthful products.

Diet Pepsi Dumps Aspartame

Dont get too excited about the new Diet Pepsi formula because it involves changing one poison for another. Instead of aspartame, the new recipe will contain sucralose and ace-K, both of which are linked to health problems. The companys senior vice president told USA

Today that the decision to change sweeteners was made because of consumer fears about aspartames adverse effects. However, he didnt acknowledge the validity of their worries, claiming that the sweetener is perfectly safe.

Another fact PepsiCo failed to mention is that Diet Pepsi sales fell 5.2% last year. As the saying goes, Money talks. Declining profits are an effective driving force for change.

Kraft Removes Artificial Colors from Mac & Cheese

Kraft announced that effective January 2016 the synthetic colors and artificial preservatives will be removed from its Mac & Cheese. The new recipe will have colors from natural sources like paprika, annatto and turmeric. In a press release, Kraft attributed the change to a switch in consumer preferences including everything from improved nutrition to simpler ingredients.

The company is facing tough competition from the growing natural food sector. Annies, a firm that sells organic macaroni and cheese, reported $204 million in sales last year. As the interest in natural foods has surged, mainstream companies are more likely to alter their products to cash in on this lucrative market.

Chipotle Has StoppedUsing GMO Ingredients

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. stated it is using virtually no GMO ingredients and asserted that it is the first restaurant chain to implement this policy. The only exception to this on its menu is its tortillas, an item for which it is still trying to find a GMO-free source. It is also attempting to phase out dairy products and meat that come from animals that consume at least some GMO feed.

In contrast with PepsiCo and Kraft, who didnt admit the safety concerns about their products have merit, Chipotle appears to recognize that GMOs are harmful. The food we serve should be made with ingredients raised with care for animals, farmers, and the environment, according to its website. Were doubtful that the GMO ingredients that used to be in our food meet these criteria.

One of the trends reshaping the food industry is a shift to more healthful eating. The awareness of the hazards of artificial sweeteners, synthetic colors and GMOs is growing; and the demand for organic foods, once considered fringe, has exploded. In response, some companies will remove harmful ingredients from their products because they share the publics concerns, while others will do so because they know sales are dependent upon consumer demand.



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