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14 Ways to Show Your Dog You Love Him


Between all of the slobbery kisses, warmhearted snuggle sessions and jubilant greetings at the door when you return home, your pup shows his love for you in endless ways. So with National Pet Day this month (April 11), what better time to show our dogs a little extra well-deserved lovin?

Here are 14 sweet ways to say, I woof you!

1. Take an Extra-Long Walk

Now is the time to take the long route home even if its cold and a bit snowy out. Your pooch will be delighted that youre taking him on his favorite summertime route rather than simply letting him out into the backyard while you stay inside in the warmth. So throw on your favorite coat, and take time to enjoy a nice, long walk.

2. Give a Belly Rub (or a Few!)

Let your pup indulge in a little extra TLC to his favorite spot. Giving him a belly rub is an easy way to show him some well-earned affection. And hell probably thank you with a few licks in return!

3. Bake Doggy Snacks

Whats better than enjoying a little something that was baked with love? Whipping up a delicious treat for your pup is a nice way to show you care. Check out 5 DIY Dog Treats Your Dog Will Love for some simply scrumptious ideas.

4. Make Time for Cuddle Time

Take a break from your busy schedule and head on over to your favorite chair or spot on the couch with your pooch for a little quality time. Plus spending a few minutes petting your dog can deplete your levels and decrease your heart rate, so its a win-win for you both!

5. Gift a New Toy

Valentines Day is a wonderful oppawtunity to surprise your pup with a new toy. And who doesnt love receiving a present? Check out this heart rope dog toy that hes sure to love!

6. Take a Car Ride

If your dogs anything like mine, then he probably jumps for joy when he hears that hes going in the car. So if youre running a quick errand that doesnt require leaving the car (think: heading through the drive-thru at the bank or picking up a friend), bring your pup along to enjoy the ride!

7. Go on a Trip to the Dog Park

An outing to the dog park is a great way to make new friends both for you and your dog! Plus hell get to enjoy a car ride out of it too.

8. Multi-task and Pet Him

Reading the newspaper, on the phone or checking your email? Use your other hand to pet your furry friend! Hes sure to appreciate the extra attention.

9. Surprise Him with a Sweet Treat

We often give those we love something sweet on Valentines Day, so why not include your little one in the celebrations too? Check out these delectable velvet hearts dog treats made with real chicken and hand-frosted with and carob. Yum!

10. Create More Playtime

Add in a little bonus playtime after breakfast or dinner. Playtime can be both physically and mentally stimulating for your dog. And it increases bonding with you! It also wears him out so hell be ready for a nap, or will better throughout the night.

11. Give Him a Bath

Sure bath time can be a nuisance (and maybe your dog even dreads it like mine), but with a few easy fixes, it doesnt have to be this way. Check out 7 Things to Help Your Pet Love the Bath to create a hassle-free experience all around.

12. Read to Him

Reading a good book or the newspaper? Let your pup join in by reading aloud. Dogs are excellent listeners and also enjoy a good story. Not to mention the more attention you give him, the better!

13. Let Him Join in on Family Time

Including your dog during family time is a sweet way to show that you really care. Whether your family is watching television together after dinner or just sharing stories from the day, invite your pup join in on the fun. After all, hes everyones favorite family member!

14. Talk to Him

Tell your dog about your day, talk to him about your upcoming weekend plans, share with him current stories in the newsDoggone it! Its National PetDay tell your pooch how much you love him! Your dog adores hearing your voice, no matter what you have to say. Plus your secrets are always safe with him!

However you choose to show your pup you care, we wish you both a beloved day!

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