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14 Unique Eco-Friendly Gifts


It can be a struggle to find the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for your environmentally conscious friend or family member. But after much research, we’ve found 14 unique gifts that are sure to please the health conscious and green living enthusiast on your list.

1. Eco-Friendly Nylon Fold-Up Shopping Bag Set: Carry your re-usable grocery bags with ease and even hook one to your keys if you’d like. You’ll never be without one.

2.5-Pack Reusable Produce Bags: Genius. Eliminates the need for that long plastic bag you’ve long struggled to tear off.

3. Lunch Skins: From a company we’re proud to call local, Lunch Skins can cut down on any family’s baggie usage (and their designs are quite eye catching)!

4.  Dog Gone Smart Dog Bed: Made with all natural and recycled materials using a nature-inspired fabric technology that’s machine washable. The only down side is that your pet may no longer want sleep in your bed.

5.  Pet Phero-Soothe: Don’t let the vet talk you into sedatives for anxious pets. This pheromone spray uses a proprietary blend along with rosemary and thyme oil to naturally soothe pets.

6. Wild Salmon Sprinkles for Pets: Deliver daily nutrition to your pet with just a sprinkle of this great tasting wild salmon.

7. Honey Vanilla Lip Balm: Tis the season… for chapped lips. Ouch. This all natural lip balm is a must-have stocking stuffer.

8. Lemon Verbena Hand Care Box: When they say lemon, they mean the ingredient, not the fragrance. Although the citrus aromas you get from the native Argentinian shrub are intoxicating.

9. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Mrs. Meyers Smell Fresh Kit: The all natural solution to making your home smell delightful (The organic candles are amazing).

10. Sound Oasis Sound Therapy Machine (with optional expansion sound cards): Bring the calming sounds of nature into your home and drift off without artificial sleep aids or medications.

11. Pure Fiber Organic Sheets: Believe it or not, many sheets are made with chemicals that can last through several washes. But not these.

12.  Olive Bonsai: Quite possibly the coolest thing we’ve ever found. And yes, you can eat the olives.

13. Katadyn MyBottle Microfilter White : Because you should never be forced to drink improperly filtered water from a BPA-laden bottle.

14. Rain Water Collection Barrel: Allow this barrel to collect rain and later you can water your garden with the drops. What a way to cut down your water bill!

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