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10 Ways Oats Prevents Heart Disease


10 ways oats are good for you Most people already know that eating oats is good for you and your heart. After all, you can’t pick-up a container of oatmeal without seeing some symbol indicating the food is heart healthy. But what is it about oats that makes them so good for your heart? Here are 10 ways oats helps prevent heart disease.


  1. Oats lowers cholesterol. Studies have found that eating three grams of oat bran a day can lower total cholesterol up to 23%. The soluble fiber in oat bran helps remove cholesterol from the digestive system before it can enter the bloodstream. Essentially, the fiber binds to the cholesterol in your intestines, helping your body eliminate it rather than absorb it. If cholesterol never enters the blood, it can’t cause problems with plaque build-up.
  1. Oats make arteries slippery. A unique antioxidant in oats called avenanthramide makes arteries slippery, so cholesterol can’t stick and form plaque.
  1. Oats helps prevent the oxidation of plaque. When plaque oxidizes it can harden, which can be dangerous to your heart. Avenanthramide helps to prevent plaque from oxidizing.
  1. Oats inhibits inflammation. The avenanthramide in oats helps suppress dangerous inflammation that may cause plaque to form.
  1. Oats support your immune system. Research shows that chronic low level infections increase the risk of heart disease. The beta glucans in oats enhance the immune system and help fight off bacterial infection.
  1. Oats helps lower LDL cholesterol, glucose and homocysteine. The beta glucans in oats help lower apolipoprotien B, a dangerous small LDL particle that’s associated with atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. It also reduces the inflammation marker C-reactive protein (CRP), glucose levels, insulin and homocysteine.
  1. Oats support healthy cholesterol, triglyceride and blood pressure levels. Oats are high in lignans which research has shown helps reduce blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, as well as blood pressure.
  1. Oats protect against cardiovascular disease with antioxidants. Oats contain additional antioxidants including vitamin E, tocotrieonols, selenium, and phenolic acids that help protect against cardiovascular disease.
  1. Oats support healthy blood pressure levels. Oats are a good source of magnesium which helps support your blood pressure.
  2. Oats reduce stress. High levels of daily stress increases your risk of heart disease. Oats contain tryptophan which can soothe the nervous system and ease stress.

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